A tie for Daryl

Speaking of ties, Daryl tried one day a polo shirt given to him by his ate Kay. It looked good on him.  After a while, he put on a tie and marched to the old cabinet with a built-in mirror on it, took a good look at himself, then marched back to the sala again, then back to the old cabinet.

I was smiling but Papsie was not able to control what he felt.  “It seemed that you wanted to be an executive in a necktie someday, huh, Daryl?”  Everybody laughed.  “It looked good on him!” said ate Kay who seemed proud that her brother liked the polo shirt she gave.

Daryl grinned.  It was a grin full of thoughts.  Whatever those thoughts are, I did not feel any qualms about them.  My son is a conscientious individual who always lovingly thinks of others.

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