Website Directories?

I know this blog is already out of exposure.  Traffic is slow.  Blog friends have forgotten.  Because I also have forgotten?  Oh, guilty as charged.  Actually, I have not forgotten.  Who would forget my blog friends?  I have enjoyed exchanging thoughts and ideas with them.  I have learned a lot from them.  I was inspired by many of them.  Who would ever forget such a very nice experience?

I have to admit I miss them.  Actually the best web directory can give you traffic but the warmth of the replies and thoughts from blog friends is what really matters.  A blog is always meant to be interactive to me.  Even with a lot of traffic and no one to share a thought with, the whole purpose of blogging is defeated.

Website directories truly work especially if you pay for the traffic.  But it is always the friendship that matters.  It is always the consonance and the fusion.  It is the cordiality.

I miss them a lot.

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