He was in rehab

I know someone who was in rehab a year ago and he is back to his dangerous self.  It made me think in connection to this if there is a facility that can be considered the best rehab.

If in the US it is not easy to determine the best rehabilitation facility, how much more in the Philippines?  It is sad to think that it must be the reason why that guy I know is back to his old habits again.

Addiction is a life threatening and potentially fatal problem, as it said to be, but I believe that treatment facilities are equally important as the treatment itself.   There are a few considerations in choosing a treatment facility:

  • caters even to those who are atheists or agnostics
  • caters even to those with psychotic or eating disorders
  • caters to a patient’s need to develop self-confidence, self-reliance, and connection with nature
  • caters to the needs of each gender
  • caters to the separate needs of adults and adolescents
  • caters to the need to detox
  • caters to the extended need of a patient undergoing recovery

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