Christmas this year

Christmas has always been a tradition of merry-making and reuniting with family and relative.  It would be the first time that we will celebrate without Nanay.  It would be the first time that we cannot put on the bright and lovely christmas 2010 ornaments.

I have to respect Papsie for this.  He’s the one who decided not to decorate the house this time for his mother.  I understand the difficulty of dealing with the memories of the beloved.

But anyway, with or without the ornaments, Christmas will pass and will be done and over with.  They sometimes remind me of hypocrisy as I listen to many thousands, or maybe of hundreds of thousands, spent on them while in the neighborhood or in the community, there are many street children who needs our help.  They sometimes define irony in a manner that you are spending for the ornaments and not paying for your debts first.

I mean, we can celebrate Christmas simply.  Is it what it is all about, simplicity?


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