Pre-Christmas Contest

Hey, blog friends, Facebook friends, Twitter friends, everybody’s friends! I HAVE A CONTEST.  It is a first in this blog.  And I am planning to give out $10 which will be deposited to your Paypal account or your bank account.

I know, it is not a very big amount and it’s a pre-christmas contest.  But hey, yours truly does not have the riches.  But if you want to join for fun or past time, how about giving it a try?

Here is the list of the contest rules:

  1. You are about to give a word (ONE WORD ONLY) that describes the poem below or what the poem is all about.
  2. You write a paragraph why you think it is the word that describes the poem or why it is what the poem is all about.
  3. The correct answer with the best interpretation wins.  And he gets the prize.  Your answer must be posted in the COMMENT SECTION of this post.  Anything that goes astray will not be counted.  😀
  4. Contest ends on November 30, 10 pm.

Rainy day gospel by Daryl Jules*

the last of us here are dying
to hear the words of gospel
as they start dancing upon
your lips stained with fervor

our ears become ready for
news to fill our discussions
for days on end, as secrets
become undone in themselves

our mouths turn agape at
revelations, and our brains
buzz with excitement brought
by feasting on the forbidden.

and then we frown, as rain
begins to fall, stopping us
from munching upon the griefs
of the people who first left.

*Daryl Jules is a third year student in the University of the Philippines.


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