What M* and Hubby Should Know

Friend M*’s hubby work as a seaman.  He had a terrible accident while he was in a shipping vessel last year.  He obtained injuries like dislocation of clavicle and fractures.  The incident almost claimed his life.

It was a good thing that his company paid for his hospitalization and medication.  But still, M* and hubby should know the benefit of, say for example, a Jones Act lawyer .  Having one can help a seaman or anyone who works in seagoing vessels know his rights to claim when dangerous accidents that could risk their lives and livelihood happen.

Arriving to his home, M*’s hubby told her that she could be an instant millionaire if he died on the accident.  We laughed at the remark while talking to each other about the incident.  From that discussion, although it sounded like a morbid one, her hubby told her that she can claim for a compensation which is truly a big amount.

Working in maritime truly is not a joke because it entails a seaman’s risk while working.  It is just right that each of these workers are insured.  It is just right that they know, too, what the insurance policy the company gave is all about.

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