The Anatomy of a Friend’s Betrayal

Sometimes it is too late to realize that you are with the wrong kind of friend. Realization is a remiss but you cannot do anything with it anymore.

How do you say a friend is betraying you?

Not easy, I say. But there are ways to skin a cat. Betrayal is revelation of a person’s true character and intentions. Every form of betrayal has an intention that goes with it. They come in varied forms that only the victim is aware of. And sometimes, the victim is not even aware that it is happening. Sad, but true.

What is hurting is when you feel that your friend is making up stories against you just to win the favor of another. For whatever it’s worth, only that ‘snake’ knows why the deed is done or is being done. What is more hurting is when another buddy or a group of buddies believed the story and hated you because of the lies. Believe me, it happens. Should we take it against these friends of ours if they believe the lies? Should we take it against them if they keep silent about it and not tell you anything about it?

The reasons I can think of when someone makes up stories against another are insecurities, jealousy or envy, immaturity, or mental inadequacy. They maybe other reasons like they just wanted to save their asses from blame, or shame. But heck, it’s always betrayal. It is deception.

One cannot change a species’ nature.  A dog is a dog.  A cat is a cat.  What makes them a dog, or a cat, is what defines them.   There is no amount of effort to change a snitch.  This hypocrite thrives on lies.  The question is why would someone be with a known liar?

The anatomy of a friend’s betrayal always start with lies.


One thought on “The Anatomy of a Friend’s Betrayal

  1. i've been lied to big time the past eight years (and so were dozens of others) and believe me, it can shake your world. tulala ako nang matagal wondering which part of the friendship was true and which wasn't. mas marami ang hindi totoo. i think she's really sick, but that is still no comfort.


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