85 Days to Deletion

My web hosting service had sent an email prompting me to respond.  The day the letter was sent, it said that I only have 45 days to renew the order or else the account will be deactivated and subsequently deleted.

My, my, there is an 85-day period before deletion.  I have to work for the payment the soonest possible time.  I could not afford losing this blog.  It means a lot to me.  😀  But enrollment is making itself felt.  Only more than a week or so, son Daryl will be reminding us again about his tuition.

Happy Thoughts

I am reminded of a friend’s story about her daughter.  Her daughter’s health report card from school states that she is bordering to obesity.  My friend started to cut off the amount of food in the groceries.  Days the following week after, the daughter, coming home from an outdoor play, went to the refrigerator and opened it.  The daughter sighed, and said, “This ref is so boring!”


Today,  I heard almost the same story with son Daryl complaining.  A neighbor has been frying (or cooking) something smelly or foul-smelling.  I exclaimed that the food that is being cooked must be thrown away already because it seems not food for consumption anymore.  Son Daryl said, “That (the smell) is so painful!”

2 thoughts on “85 Days to Deletion

  1. Mag blogger ka na lang kasi. Wala pang sakit ng ulo kasi walang due date. : )

    See how young people are “modernizing” language by using the same word but with different meaning? My daughter is the same. She'll say “un-friend na kita” if she doesn't like me. Parang FB. : )


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