Or Maybe a Mobile Phone

Or maybe a mobile phone from circuit city is what I’ll give Daryl. While I am toying with the idea, he will definitely tell me not to buy an expensive one.

My children are not demanding. Perhaps it was brought about by the orientation when they were children whenever they want something. We were consistently telling that we will buy the things they want if there is enough money.

Of course they will want a blackberry but they know there are more important things to consider first before having one.

Christmas is fast approaching and it looms than excites me. Daryl will be amused definitely by this idea. 😀

2 thoughts on “Or Maybe a Mobile Phone

  1. We were also brought up that way. Kaya siguro simple lang ang gusto ko sa buhay. Even if I only got one daughter, I don't spoil her by buying her unnecessary things.


  2. hello, blogusvox. that is nice to know. 🙂 give her love aplenty, that is all that she needs. material things fade but the love you have for her will never be forgotten.


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