Crab Mentality

I have this inkling that Filipinos do not own the trait ‘crab mentality’.  I was a member of a discussion board.  The process is simple.  You post a discussion, you will get replies.  You are to join discussions.  You will be paid with the activities you do – posting and joining discussions.

In a few weeks, I gained a reputation of 98.  The highest being a 100 of course.  I posted a discussion that caused controversy to some and I had to defend my principle and my discussion.  After a few days, my rating went down to 95.  To date, it was brought down to 84.  Only when a particular mylotter who raised the controversy posted and visited the latest discussion I posted.

I know it is not fair to accuse without proof but I really have this inkling that that person is pushing the (-) button to the content of that person’s heart, and that is to pull others down because that person has a low reputation.

I am not actually ‘very affected’ but it would be hypocrisy to say I am not.  I am pissed off but I have to maintain peace.  Unless I can find a way to know who is pushing the negative button and why.

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