Pieces of vitamins or one multivitamins?

Have you heard of an actor who was known to be taking at least twenty (20) pills a day?  That includes his medicine and his vitamins.  He is already at his prime but he still looks good in his age.  Actually, better looking than other male actors younger than him.

I wonder, do we really need to take a lot of pills for the vitamins or one pill with multivitamins is enough?  I am just curious.  Is there truly one that is the best vitamins for men and women?

They say that the best multivitamins has to fall into these criteria:

  1. effectiveness
  2. speed of results
  3. product safety
  4. long-term results
  5. customer feedback
  6. overall value

Well, aside from being costly buying a lot of pills, I personally cannot imagine taking down 20 pills a day.  That could feel like I will die when I fail even for a day not taking them.   I mean, if the body is so used to the routine, would it not react if one suddenly stops taking all those 20?


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