Small Circles, Big Circles, Dark Circles??

It is so fun to look at how little children begin to learn to draw small and big circles.  But before a mother takes pleasure on how well the darling child is acquiring knowledge, it would take her to sacrifice a lot for the child from the time she was born up to the time she becomes a toddler that will not deprive the mother anymore of sleep during nights.

The other day, I saw Jennifer Lopez’ picture with her eyes covered by make up to hide the dark circles.   In a news, it was said that she is fighting off dark circles with caviar.  Yes, caviar.  Not really the actual caviar but a beauty product with caviar.

The actress reportedly got dark circles after not getting enough sleep because of her baby twins.  The caviar pads she used is the first pads I heard to treat the problem though there are already eye creams available in the market that has peptides, moisturizers and stem cell.

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