I Need to Promote this Blog!

They say a directory submission software could help.  If I have enough money, I can give it a try.  But for now, I will be focusing on the traditional ways of promoting this blog and that is through social networking, submission to directories, exchanging links, and joining discussions and forums.

Sometimes it makes me think why other people can attract traffic to their blogs that easy.  It actually is time consuming to promote but the blog begs for it.  It has to be marketed.  It has to be re-introduced.

Well, some people would be content to write and not care about comments but I prefer the blog to be interactive.  It is such fun to read other people’s thoughts always.

And what about SEO?  Can someone tell me, tell me please, about this.  I was told it could really help one be put on the first page of Google.  Focus is so required but how can I when I am a working mother of two.  Make it three.  Hubby acts like a baby at times.  Heh.


One thought on “I Need to Promote this Blog!

  1. Maintaining a blog is very time consuming… if you don't like to share your passion… it is not really worth it.
    I don't believe many people earn a lot from their blogs.


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