Pop Your Pimple, Do You Do This Often?

In relation to blackheads on the nose, there is another problem that bothers most of us.  These are the pimples.  I usually do not worry about them because very seldom one can see a pimple on my face.  When I have one, I make it sure I do not touch it nor pop it.  I was told by a friend that it could infect the pimple.

If one pimple bothers me a lot, how much more if it grows big and is infected and multiply at the same time!  If you have been popping your pimples, you can try visit www.pimplepopping.org and they will tell you how damaging the activity is to your skin.  The site also recommends products that will ease the problem on pimples.

My son’s face, particularly on the nose area has blackheads, and sometimes he gets pimples, too.  My worry is how to get a product that will suit a young teen’s face and will not cause damage.  Truly a dilemma for us but for now I adviced him to wash the face before going to bed.

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