The Holidays are Coming!

The holidays are coming!  The ‘ber’ months are already here.    Once again, I will be listing down the names of the people I will be giving gifts.  Most of them are women and they vary from age to sizes.  This time I wanted to give dresses to them although I think I have to have a guide to holiday dressing.  I believe that when we give gifts they have to be timely and useful at the same time.

But then, as I mentioned, these women friends vary.  Therefore I should choose clothing that will be fitting for each of them.  Tall women have a specific cut of clothing just for them which could be a little different for those who wear petite clothing because they are petite.  Maternity dresses for the preggy ones also have a particular cut different from all others.

During this season and with this plan in mind, I wish I am like a fairy godmother that with a stroke of her wand, a complete wardrobe collection for women will just appear!  It would make my life easier.

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