Reasons You Were Not Invited to a Party

In a discussion I started in MyLot, with title Will you be hurt when you are not invited to a party?, I discovered that many people still get hurt or feel bad when someone close forgot to include them in the guests list.

I have to admit that there was a point in my life where I ask myself why I was not invited to a party by a known friend or an acquaintance.  I could not remember if I was that hurt but the question lingered –  ‘Why?’.  Being insecure, I used to think that it has something to do with me; that people do not like me, that I fall short of their expectations, or that I do not belong.  It is this desire to belong that probably made me feel bad or anxious before.

But as I have written in the discussion, there are reasons why one is not invited to a party:

  1. the party is exclusive
  2. the budget is limited
  3. you would not want to know the other reasons

If there are other reasons, I really would like to know because I believe they are all summarized in the three (3) things I have listed.  What do you think?

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