Sexy Costumes?

Had you experienced going to a masquerade party?  It just came into my mind if people who will go to this kind of party will be interested donning themselves with sexy costumes.  Catwoman flashed in my mind.  She is always an epitome of sensuality to me.  With such a sexy costume that she wears, anybody who will wear the same will be the star of a masquerade party.   Not one will ignore someone with such a sexy costume.

I wonder if this Catwoman sexy costume will go well with the fleshy ones, or those with somewhat big frames.  But there are some who are just big but are curvy, and the Catwoman sexy costume will definitely look good on them.  One must be careful though to check if the flab and the belt bag will not be that obvious.

There are other sexy costumes that could be in these days.  Enumerated below are some of them.  Which would you choose?

  • Lady Gaga costumes
  • Vampire costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland costumes
  • Burlesque costumes
  • Fairy Princess costumes

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