UP Won the 2010 CDC

The University of the Philippines won the 2010 Samsung-sponsored Cheer Dance Competition held at the Araneta Coliseum.  When UST performed, I was amazed and said to myself maybe they are going to take the title from FEU.  I really thought that they will become the champions.

But when UP entered the dance arena, my attention and belief shifted.  It was a show-stopper.  It was a nice performance although I must admit I like the dance they performed when they had the championship the last last time.  Still, to me, they are the best for this year’s teams.

I would like to make mention how sport the UST team is. They ended up third and still they were all smiling and happy that they were back bagging the third place.

Teams must always have that gamesmanship.  If a team looses over one opponent but still gets the second or third best slate, then the members must be happy and content.  There is always a next time for everybody.


2 thoughts on “UP Won the 2010 CDC

  1. Opo. 🙂 Importante po yung pagiging sport ng teams. 🙂 Nung sumasayaw nga po ang UST and FEU, nakakatuwa na kahit sa ibang teams, nakakarinig ka po ng mga oooooh's and aaaaah's nila. 🙂


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