Having a Break with Cyndi Lauper

I just came from work, so tired.  The food Papsie prepared is so good – chicken in white sauce! Yum!  It gratified the hunger which was lingering for the past few hours in the office.  I didn’t even have time to eat.  Sometimes work gets in the way really.

Anyway, I am here now in front of my PC and Papsie and I are listening to Cyndi Lauper’s Live.. At Last DVD.  It was recorded at the Townhall, New York City in New York last March 11, 2004.

Currently, as I am typing this, she is rendering If You Go Away.  She is an amazing singer.  Nothing had changed.  She is still gorgeous and with a voice that is so full and mesmerizing.

As I am concluding this post, she had just finished She Bop in a lullaby like tune.  Very nice.  Anyway, here she is now.  A picture just this year.

Were you a fan? What song of Cyndi is your favorite? Mine is True Colors.

3 thoughts on “Having a Break with Cyndi Lauper

  1. When we saw her on the news singing jazz (maybe on her New York’s concert, I was surprised. She is not Cyndi, I grew up listening to anymore, you are right though. She really is an amazing singer with the same powerful voice.

    When I was young, I idolize her more than Madonna.


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