Scared for the little sweet guys

They are so sweet.  One time we were together, I asked them who’s gonna bring me to another country.  All three raised their hands.  The pretty one told me she’ll bring me one day to US and little mister handsome replied he’ll bring me to Japan.  The youngest didn’t know what to answer but she raised her hand.

They have dreams but I am very scared for these little sweet guys.  I am scared that one day they will be found in a teen drug rehab or a teen alcohol rehab because of teen drug treatment or alcohol treatment.  I know, I know, I sound morbid.  But they are exposed to a sick environment.   They have a father who is a dope.  A shameless piece of rotten meat.

And it is sad that I feel I cannot do anything for them because their mother is bound to the whole situation, with no economic power, very helpless, and yet very unwilling to leave.

When do we intervene?  Do we intervene even if the parties involved are not willing?

Someday, I am afraid the mother of these sweet little fellows will search for teen addiction info.  I am afraid that these kids will be added to teen drug statistics.  God forbid.

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