Scammed Again

Yes, folks.  I am scammed again.  Second time around.  In my quest to earn extra income online, I decided to join   The ads looked promising.  I will be earning lots of pesos.  Yes, one of the ads translated the earnings into pesos.  And so I clicked, joined with a membership fee, and voila, it was just a database of survey companies where mostly only US citizens are allowed.

I tried my luck joining the international survey companies. Until now, no surveys are available for me.  It’s more than two weeks.  So, I wrote and told them I wanted to have my money back because their ads said it is money back guaranteed.  There was no answer until now.

It is a scam.  They collect money and all you get is a database of survey companies that pay no attention to you.  It is so frustrating that you get not one e-mail that tells you you are qualified for a survey. Not even one until now.

And so I am writing this as a form of warning.  There is truly nothing that gets you rich quick in the net.  Though I did not look at it that way but an added income, I realized after a few days that the money that Filipina got is big money used as a come-on.  Stupid me.

3 thoughts on “Scammed Again

  1. I wish the internet police does something about these scammers. It makes my blood boil when they fleece people with their hoaxes 😦


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