SONA quips

President Noynoy Aquino’s SONA elicited different reactions from different people, supporters and non-supporters, the rich and the pauper, the learned and the illiterate, etc., etc.

  • A Telenovela – some say it was simply a part of a telenovela, a mere storytelling.  It was not a simple story to me narrated for the pleasure of those who listened but disclosed for all Filipinos to hear what transpired partly during the Arroyo administration.  Only a part was disclosed  but it gave a shock to many Filipinos and was shrugged off by Gloria Arroyo’s allies.
  • Short of Content and Relevance – some say that the SONA fell short.  A lot of sectors were expecting that their concerns will be mentioned but unfortunately they weren’t.  I think this is understandable.  The president stuck to the plan of giving out a SONA that is short and straight to the point.  If all concerns will be covered,  a day is not enough considering that he laid out the line about corruption and anomalies.  If most of the sectors were already afflicted with graft and corruption, then 24 hours are not enough.
  • No Concrete Solution – some say that they were waiting for a more solid solution to the issues that were presented but the SONA fell short again with the expectation.  I should say that this is partly true.  There were plans but no specifics were given.  Though I have to give him the benefit of the doubt that this was intentional.

The speech is short.  But it really does not matter to me.  Gloria Arroyo had given long speeches, beautiful promises, concrete plans, etc. but the Philippines that she first got hold of become the Philippines that has the worst condition.  They can have a litany of their projects and achievements but the truth of the pudding is in the eating, and this, by the way, means that those could have been felt by the littlest of the citizenry.  Only those who were near the furnace felt the heat, and this, by the way again, means only a few enjoyed what could have been enjoyed by every Filipino.

6 thoughts on “SONA quips

  1. While indeed it has been said that Noynoy's SONA is supposed to be “short and straight to the point”, I believe that he could have altered the content of the said SONA.

    For example, why focus on a lot of, if not all, the wrongs of the previous administration? Although I acknowledge the importance of addressing them, I believe that he could have given more time to more pressing issues such as education.

    Although it is nigh-impossible to lay out a full-blown plan during a SONA, I am of the group which says that he could have given more concrete plans. He could have also given more attention to how he would address the problems already present – for it is no news to us Filipinos that the government is rife with graft and corruption. All he did was to give us specifics (e.g., the MWSS thing) which affirmed our long-held suspicions.

    In the end, the SONA is just a SONA. A lot of politicians are skilled with the art of rhetoric – but only very few can deliver what their mouths spout out whenever the election period arrives. Flawed as Noynoy's SONA may seem, it should not be made the basis of his governance. We can only wait and see – not to mention, hope, that Noynoy would deliver more than his SONA did.


  2. what else can we say ? Politicians are well known for making false promises. But again it will be totally giving up if we don’t put a bit of trust in Noynoy. He doesn’t need to be spectacular as long as he can eliminate corruption by 50% – that’s a good start IMO.


  3. daryl, i think to mention what the arroyo administration did is very important though there could have been a concrete layout of his plans to solve the problems of the country, and to execute the criminals for their sins to the people and to the country.

    i don't think he can even solve 50% of the country's problems, bw up to the end of his term. good if he will be able to, but i'd understand if he won't be able to. ang laking utang at napakaraming problema ang iniwan nina arroyo.


  4. I liked the fact that P.Noy was honest and direct in his SONA, but I am also of the idea that it would have been better if he didn't really delve too much on the past. Yes, I understand that we should know what the previous administration really did and actually did not do, but it would be better if we could just think of concrete solutions and look forward. We should learn from our past. That doesn't necessarily mean to focus more than half our energy on it.


  5. some even say that he is vindictive, babypink. i just hope that that would be the last of all the talk about gloria. the country has to heal and move forward. i hope those people around him will not be leeches that will suck him dry and make him and his governance ineffective.


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