Boring Days are Over

For daughter Kay.

She’ll start to work come August.  This year, of course.  🙂  It’s not a bummer after all the waiting and trying and getting bored.  The days of feeling pressure from people who seem to spend their time watching over when she’s going to land a job are OVER.

Kay knew it. We knew it.  People seem to keep an eye on her.  Especially the league of unemployed housewives that gather around outside their houses whose business is to watch people and talk about them as if they know what was really happening.  And also the league of unemployed tambays who look like they don’t care about what is happening around but who truly talk nasty about other people.  Actually, they talk nastier than those jobless housewives.

But we don’t care.  She doesn’t care. But we are aware.

Now, she can get a cheap insurance for herself!  I am just joking.  😀  Papsie and I never imposed anything on our children.  We play as parents.  And sensible parents do not impose things on grown up children (like forcing them to pay for the daily expenses and bills).  Only the unemployed, and those who do not have economic power, and those who are cunning and lazy do that. Parents who did nothing good for the welfare of their children do not have the right to demand – do they know that?

Well, it’s nice if the children wanted to help.  It feels good that they will extend a helping hand but we will not dictate.  We will be here always for our children to guide and support them in any endeavor they will set their minds to.

6 thoughts on “Boring Days are Over

  1. Congratulations to Kay! Is she going to work at an ad agency?

    How I hate being surrounded by gossipers and busybodies. Those housewives and bums have nothing else to do. They should get busy…mag-crochet or maglinis ng bahay.

    Suddenly, it dawned on me: ang daming tambay sa Pinas ano. Parang halos lahat umaasa na lang sa remittances ng relative somewhere abroad. (When I went to China, ang sisipag ng mga tao. Work, work, work. Parang bawal ang tamad.)


  2. thank you, nalen. sa kabilang banda, naaawa ako sa kanila. thanks!

    thank you, photocache. actually, nadadagdagan ang bilang nila!

    she's not. she's waiting for the one from the ad agency. but i think she'll not consider it anymore now that she'll be working come August na. also, she likes the nature of her job in the company she'll get to be employed in.

    how i am so irked seeing them whispering umagang umaga ha ha minsan, nakakainis, jayred! pero mas naaawa ako sa kanila.

    about those who just wait for remittances, talagang ambibigat ng katawan! while their relatives are working very hard sila naman e nag aabang ng nakanganga. the typical juan tamad.


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