Not a Product Review but a Friend Review

One day I am going to have to write reviews but not about products like that of acneticin reviews.  I will have reviews about people, specifically about friends.  And like any product review, this will include what friendship to a particular person holds value.

The review will entail the good and the bad traits a particular friend have.  It will encompass the advantages and disadvantages of befriending these particular friends.  It will describe in detail the effects of the kind of friendship I have with these friends and suggests ways that could have done to improve the relationships.   It will also include the reasons why the friendships flourished, or why they should end.

Seriously,  I will do that one day.  When I have ample time in the future, I will be jotting down memories about friends.  Friends that I chose to cherish, and those I chose to forget.

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