My earring was snatched!

We had a date last night.  Daryl and I.  It’s not actually a date because we had to go to EO to buy nose pads for his eyeglass.  But before reaching SM North, I had a shocking experience.

I decided not to bother Papsie to use the car to bring me to SM North because there was fire along North Avenue near DAR.  He would be stressed with the traffic so I decided to commute.  It was a mistake on my part to decide going via Balintawak route.  I had never gone there alone.

There were drizzles of rain as I went off the jeep to board a bus from EDSA.  When I stepped on the bus, I felt a slight tap on my head on the right side and a seemingly twist on my left ear.  Funny that I even thought a friend was at my back doing such a gesture.  But I couldn’t turn my head at once because my foot is already on the first step and when my other foot was on the bus, I turned my head and saw a man running away as fast as he could.  I wished I had a small laser gun.  Ha ha.  He will not make it far I bet!

As I sat on the bus, I touched both my ear and discovered that the left earring was gone.  The snatcher is an expert.  His touch was very light.  I felt actually amazed at the expertize.  He felt short of estimation for my right ear though.  The light tap on the right side of my head is probably for the right ear.

It was not what I got afraid of.   Though the earring is valuable to me.  It was a 18 carat Saudi gold pair of earrings and an heirloom.  But I was more scared of the possibility that it was my bag that the snatcher will choose.

Still, I did not feel anger.  I felt pity.  But promised myself not to go that route alone anymore.


7 thoughts on “My earring was snatched!

  1. They're everywhere, these thieves. That's why I try not to commute as much as possible these days.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. But it's good that you didn't get traumatized or anything.


  2. maybe because, the touch was so light and there was no pain, jayred. he was an expert, that snatcher. funny that i didn't see anyone around while i cross the street. i wonder where he came from.


  3. Baka merong MBA in stealing earring and necklaces (LOL).

    Seriously, these thieves undergo some sort of training. Merong mga master teachers yan, tapos they have their “practicum” on the streets.


  4. sorry to hear this. These people are professionals in that your ear wasn't ripped apart ! It's probably better to remove your alahas before taking the public transit – just to be safe.


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