Jogging Once Again

More of the pictures yesterday can be found here.

We went jogging and walking again at the UP oval yesterday. As I am writing this, I am crossing my fingers that we could be able to do this again next Sunday and every Sunday.

And oh, boy, I felt stiff after a few minutes.  I thought I needed spring plungers to catapult myself to the next turn.  😀  Really, this should be done regularly.  The absence of exercise had made my body seem heavy and not truly cooperating.  I felt that my joints have no lubricant anymore to help me run easily and comfortably.

Focus, Bing.

4 thoughts on “Jogging Once Again

  1. Wow, you're back jogging again! Impressive.

    As much as I want to walk around the subdivision, I can't. Too many stray dogs to contend with. And I heard getting an anti-rabies shot is very expensive.

    Maybe I should get a bike, though.


  2. naku, jayred. nabigla ako. ang hirap pala bumalik. before i can finish three ikot, kahapon 1 1/2 lang. 😀

    dogs! oh, my. di kaya ng powers ko. and the sad thing is, i can't resort to biking kung ako ang nasa posisyon mo. i dont know how to ride a bike! ha ha


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