What Symbol Do You Stand For?

It’s not simply the Symbol LS2208 that I wanted to talk about because this is merely a simple one for the inanimate. I wanted to talk about what distinctive mark or symbol do you want to be remembered of.  Do you want people to remember you as a traitor?  Do you want people to wince at the mere mention of your name? Or do you want to be a symbol of true hope? Or a blessing?

I discovered something and it broke my heart.  It concerns someone I know.  My intuition did not go wrong.  One way or the other, I thought before, there must be something about the unexpected gifts.  Somewhere between chats or connections, I felt uneasy with the demeanor.  This person did not truly care.  For whatever motive I was given the unexpected gifts, I am still giving thanks.

As I read the details in the pieces of information, I squirmed.  The respect I gave diminished.  It is not a small matter that a person betrays another, much more a lot of people.  Double-crossing or double-dealing is very dirty, a treachery that deserves not only a cold shoulder but punishment.

It would truly be easier for me when a person admits he’s gay or lesbian.  At least, most of these people work their butts out to earn a living in much cleaner ways.


4 thoughts on “What Symbol Do You Stand For?

  1. hi, blogusvox. as much as i wanted to, i can't. i care for the person, that doesn't change pero i hate what was done. 😦


  2. Intriguing post. Can't comment on it in detail because I don't know the details.

    But one things is for sure: Betrayal, caused by evil motives, is never a good thing.

    Hope you will be able to surmount this relational roadblock.


  3. i have no intentions to be more specific, jayred. it's just a thought. but i was truly disappointed. a difficult one to deal with but as i realize it, did i really had a deep relationship with this individual? do i know him well enough to conclude that he is this and that? and the answer is no. sometimes, the superficiality of the whole thing makes it like the whole thing is a good thing. he he redundant, no?


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