I remember God

Yesterday, I remember God.

As my world sinks to seeming depths, God reminds me that He is in control.  God is always there but I am not always there to give praises and thanks, and even allot time for him everyday.  I assumed He had forgotten me because He seemed to have allowed me to suffer amounts of sorrow.

And yesterday, God showed me how I fared with my faith.  He blessed me again with a forgiving heart and a restrained tongue.  Funny that as I strive to please the Lord, there are people I see whose actions tempt me to do otherwise.  The world is a vicious world.  But I have my God.

2 thoughts on “I remember God

  1. God is always faithful, even though oftentimes we're not.

    I think he sends (bad) people our way to build our characters. It's always challenging to deal with difficult people. But God has a purpose in all our relational dealings.


  2. i believe, too, that God sends bad people to make us better individuals, i.e., people with character. some others find it difficult to believe. 🙂


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