Series of Unfortunate Events by the Roadside

The rainy season is here again.  The highways, the roads, and even the roadsides will be wet again.  During this season, there will be a lot of unfortunate events that is to be expected.  It’s not that I wanted them to happen.   They can happen anytime.  It would be good if there is a roadside assistance plan but that is not common in this almost forsaken country of ours.  Frankly, who knows that it exist?

Road assistance plans are common abroad.  They are offered by companies who do service for RV vehicles and family vehicles.  It is not common here in the Philippines but the idea popped out of my mind.  What if a government project that caters to the needs of motorists  that need assistance in remote and far flung areas be funded?  Later on, it could rouse the interests of businessmen and venture in something like this.

Some unfortunate events here in our country include being robbed after asking strangers for help in a remote place, far from the city, or far from where there are many people and establishments.   Some include waiting for hours before help arrives.  Some motorists can even face dangerous situation of being hurt or killed.  With a road assistance available with just a call, then it would be a relief.

It’s just wishful thinking… The rain is driving me nuts.  I mean, my fear of the rain.

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