Urban Clothing Is Not Urbane Dressing

I remember an old friend who alarmingly told her experience on her way home.  While she is about to board a jeepney, a sexagenarian was ahead of her also about to board.  What affected her so much is the way the old woman dressed herself.  She was wearing a thin white capri pants and underneath was a glaring red thong.  My friend was so shocked.  She’s ten years younger but could not dare put on something like that.

This is urban clothing – in fashion and sometimes can even be designer clothes.  But urban clothing is not urbane dressing at times.  Some people at times forget to dress in a manner that suits the age and the personality. In the case of the sexagenarian, I have to give her the benefit of the doubt because of senility.  The burden lies on the people that are with the old lady.

This brought to memory one teacher in high school who was also beginning to loose her mental capabilities that time.  One day, she went to class in a yellow see-through (only the upper part) dress and she was wearing a red bra! While the rowdy group of boys and girls made fun of her, I took pity but was not able to do something.  I was in a state of shock.

I hope that when I reach the stage of senility, there would still be people around who would warn me or guide me about things especially about dressing.  I could not imagine myself walking in a see-through dress or wearing thongs under a thin pair of pants.

Will Lady Gaga wear the same outfit when she's 60?

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