Only the Rich Can Afford a Broker

I know someone who had made it big as a broker.  He was an average guy during his younger days. He was not even popular. But he had already acquired properties and had become rich.  He had become successful probably buying and selling properties like that from Outer banks foreclosures being based in the US.

I can never be a broker.  I suck at selling.  I am very poor when it comes to being a sales agent or a salesman.  How could I fare in being a broker then?  This triggered an interest to know what exactly a broker is.  From, I got these meanings:


  1. an agent who buys or sells for a principal on a commission basis without having title to the property.
  2. person who functions as an intermediary between two or more parties in negotiating agreements, bargains, or the like.
  3. stockbroker – a broker, esp. one employed by a member firm of a stock exchange, who buys and sells stocks and other securities for customers.

Still, I could not imagine myself being an agent that is why I will never be rich.  😀

5 thoughts on “Only the Rich Can Afford a Broker

  1. I feel these brokers charge so much commission! No wonder they get rich quick.

    As much as possible I do not like to do transactions via middlemen. Better to sell of buy things directly.

    Like you, I suck at selling. I guess pride gets in the way in my case. Long story. (But we must learn from the Chinese. They don't feel embarrassed in selling stuff to others. Somehow, there is no shame in doing business like that. I guess it's just me.)


  2. i guess it's pride, too, at one point, that got me. it's a long story, too, jayred. love it when we sometimes have things in common. 🙂

    how are you?


  3. I'm good, Bing. Thanks for asking. The past few months have been manic and a bit depressing…But God is in control. (Yes, I'm in Manila right now. Trying to update my almost-dead blog.)

    I'd like to have a business someday. But I don't even know where to begin if I suck at selling (LOL).

    Take care and Godspeed.


  4. well, we all have our share of glorious and low days, jayred. life is a learning process; that is how i look at it. with the learning comes the pain, too. i know you are strong woman because of your faith. 🙂

    ha ha what business would that be? i don't know of anything that does not sell anything ha ha

    hindi yata shy ang tawag dun, mari! LOL 🙂

    ha ha ha sobra naman akong natawa, blogusvox! so kasama pala tayo sa federation of may mga 'balat sibuyas'. 😀


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