Modern Sofas Without the Cats

I love the modern sofas nowadays.  Even with the pricey tags on, I can’t help but admire them and dream that one day I will have a set.  I would not go with the red ones but I will buy gray, lovely sofas!

But first, there is something that I must do.

Get rid of the cats!  How could I allow them to scratch the lovely sofas?  Besides the fact that they are pricey, I couldn’t bear the thought that one day the sofas’ surface are destroyed.

Lucky cats, they will be with us for long.

5 thoughts on “Modern Sofas Without the Cats

  1. I laughed at your comment regarding the cats. My relationship with my cats is a love-hate one: Sometimes, they are just plain adorable. Other times, I just want to throw them out the window. Hehe.

    Wait, I shouldn't have said that. That was mean. XD


  2. hello, justthatagain. the feeling is mutual about the cats. he he 🙂 can't help but be mean at times.

    i like sofa beds, too, jayred. it's swell to have one. 🙂


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