Meditation equals Relaxation

Someone said, “I noticed that every time I relax, meditate, or pray, I feel balanced and my life seems steady.  Then after days, or months,  meditation and prayer are forgotten.  Then gradually, life becomes stressful again.  I will go back to meditation and prayer once more.  My life eventually becomes beautiful again.”

Most of us experience these episodes, particularly the working people – businessmen, lawyers, writers and teachers.  The precept behind is find time to relax even if it seems impossible.  Relaxation is gratifying and gives us peace and the benefit of attracting beautiful people in our lives.

If our life is peaceful, we attract other people who are peaceful, too.  We generally attract peace.  The hostile ones look at the peaceful ones as weird but they look at them as examples to follow that eventually they are transformed to being peaceful people, too.

Here are a few tips on meditation and relaxation:

  • This is a daily activity.  Do it everyday at the same time you first scheduled your meditation.  The earliest time of the day is suggested because nobody will disturb and you will have the luxury of preparing for the day.
  • Sit when you meditate.  If you do it reclining, you will fall asleep.
  • Force yourself to allot time everyday, at least twenty minutes, if you think you do not have the luxury of time.

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