Spaghetti Sauce and Copper Core Cookware

Every time it rains, thinking of good food cannot be helped.  Suddenly, I thought of spaghetti sauce.  I’m quite good at preparing this sauce.  The children loved it not because I’m their mother.  It’s because I cook delicious spaghetti sauce.  😀

Even without an all clad copper core sauce pan, my spaghetti will be appetizing.   It’s not the cookware which is the secret, of course.  It is how one prepares a particular food.

I will not be listing a recipe here but I will mention that one of the reasons why food is delicious is the natural ingredients you put in it.  There are already preserved tomatoes in can but I still choose to buy fresh tomatoes, and onions, and garlic, and mince them.  The natural aroma from them is incomparable to the instantly available ones in cans as they are sauteed.

Pepper also is one of the necessary ingredients.  A considerable amount enhances the other flavors in a dish or a sauce.  I prefer the finely ground pepper.  Do not forget, salt with it but it should not be too much.  Just enough to add flavor.

The ground beef (which I prefer over ground pork) should be sauteed thirty minutes or until they look brown.  It is to my experience when you cook them in a lesser time, a queer taste will linger.   I also prefer to cook the mushrooms with the ground beef.

So there.  I have to have a cup of coffee.  And go to the supermarket afterwards.  I feel like cooking spaghetti.


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