The Nice Things about Having Friends

I am not the self-important friend that others seem to be.  I am a people-pleaser most of the time.  That is different from a crowd-pleaser, I think.  Maybe that is why I have friends, not plenty, but I have friends.

One of the nice things about having a friend or friends is that you have one or two you can vent your anger or exasperation towards a hateful person, for example.  You have one or two you can run to when you urgently need money because your pocket doesn’t have a penny.  One of them will even crack open their piggy bank and lend you the money.  Don’t you think I have enough reason to think it is nice to have friends?  😀

And you have someone who gives you or finds food for you when you are hungry.  A piece of biscuit can really save the day, you know.  😀  You also have one or two who occasionally enjoys talking about raunchy or gross topics.  😀  Note:  occasional.  That can be subjective.

Most especially, you have one or two to laugh with even when you are faced with hopelessness.  The nice things about having friends is that you have a cushion, you have a support.

I cannot be too cozy with them, by the way, because, you know, familiarity breeds contempt.  I cannot afford not to be without them.  That is more like it.

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