How Efren Sells His Life Insurance Plans

If you are wondering who Efren is, he is the guy I was talking about in this post.

He has two agents in his network in the company.  The more sales they bring, the more earnings Efren gets.  It truly is networking.  Actually, it’s my first time to hear that even insurance agencies are into networking.

Back to Efren, I just witnessed how Efren sells his plans.  He does not miss opportunities.  In one of our auditing activities, in the middle of discussing how to protect one’s self by logging in and out when doing OB (official business) outside the plant, he suddenly mentioned the term life insurance quotes to the auditee.  As in from nowhere, he thought of selling a plan.  But unfortunately, the guy already has a plan from the same insurance company.

Efren was not able to sell but it was the ability and the effort that impressed me.  He has that skill of making the most out of every opportunity.  A true-bloodied salesman.  It is no wonder he earned his position and went up the ladder.


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