Dreaming of Cars

My recent experience with our car must be in my subconscious that was why I dreamed of these powerful cars.

I first dreamed of a porsche boxster, one of those roadsters that only famous and very rich men own. Funny, but in reality, I do not like two-door convertibles. Even if it is a super sleek, fashionable car, I will always go for the spacious ones.  This porsche boxster in my dream looks like this one.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

And speaking of a spacious car, I think this red bmw 1 series is perfect.  You know how dreams magnify what one feels.   And boy, the ecstatic joy owning a car like this one is incomparable.

Then there is this saab 9-5 that does not only look sleek, spacious but also sturdy.  I felt floating among the clouds in my dream when I was ushered into this car.

But what really gave me a complete feeling, a grand one, is owning this mercury milan in my dreams.  I was jumping with joy and it felt like it was really true!  The car was very shiny, perfectly spacious and sturdy looking with its shining black color.  The front of it speaks about elegance.  Who would not love it?

But like all dreams, it has to end.  And this kind will sure give you a dejected feeling.  It just didn’t seem right.  😦


3 thoughts on “Dreaming of Cars

  1. Oh I smiled when I was reading this post. I on the other hand had never dreamed nor coveted a car (almost a Subaru). And I'm not really into these sleek powerful and fancy cars, something is wrong with me, eh?


  2. what nice daydream it would be, vettech. 🙂

    nothing wrong, photocache! we all have our own preferences. it's not cars for you, that is.


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