Hair Loss Cure for the President?

Kris Aquino announced last year that she tried to convince President-elect Noynoy Aquino for a hair loss cure, which is the mesoscalp treatment (as suggested by the Belo Medical Clinic).  This was declined by Mr. Aquino.

That was the first time I admired Mr. Aquino’s determination.  He cannot be dictated even by his sister.  This is witnessed in many instances during the campaign and until present, he cannot be dictated.  I saw lately how he remarked on the unsolicited advice of Fidel Ramos.  That was straightforward and honest contrary to what the media says it’s snobbish.

I did not vote for Noynoy but each day I am beginning to admire the person in him.  I hope everything will work out fine in his quest for a truly free and progressive Philippines.  I hope everybody will work hand in hand with him.

3 thoughts on “Hair Loss Cure for the President?

  1. I didn't vote for him, either. But I have no choice because the majority has spoken, and he is now my president.

    I don't mind if my president needs a makeover. I just want him to sleep early, wake up early, and limit his smoking because I don't want Binay as my president. Hehe.

    Seriously, I hope Kris shuts up. Please. Just please shut up, Kris.


  2. That is what i said after the results were up, “i have no choice but it is what the people want”.

    i wouldnt want binay for president, too, but i think he is a competitive individual and i think he can do things for our country. i just hope, like how i hope for noynoy, that he would be a good servant and not be overcome by love of power.

    bratinela talaga si kris. ;-D


  3. Its very brave of Noynoy to take a stand against mesoscalp treatment. hehe.

    I pretty much just shave my head every month since I started losing hair. Maybe Noynoy should do the same. =D


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