Kim Kardashian wants you to keep up

With this…

Photo courtesy of ShowbizSpy.

I just hate reality television series most of the time.  I could not find the relevance of it all to the many.  For me, a show has to have a purpose and most of the time I could not find it all.  That is why I am not a fan of PBB and other reality television series here in the Philippines.  I could not connect.  Well, maybe it is just not my thing.

In case you do not know Kim Kardashian, or have not watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians yet, which has Ryan Seacrest as the executive producer by the way,  she is the second child of Kris Jenner.  The other Kardashians are Kourtney and Khloe.  The teevee series documented the lives of the Kardashians/Jenners.

But among the three Kardashians, I find Khloe as the most attractive and the most sensible.  Kourtney is almost like Khloe though she falls short when it comes to beauty and height.  Not that I do not find her pretty.  Actually it is how she talks that makes her attractive.

I am like doing a review I noticed.  Do not mistake this as me being a fan.  I did watch the show a couple of times to see what the series is all about and what it is like.

5 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian wants you to keep up

  1. oh, so true, junette. i do not see the point kasi watching other people's lives and totoo ba kaya na di scripted and mga pinagsasabi ng mga yun?


  2. I'd like to say I hate reality shows, but I am not totally averse to reality shows per se. I love AI and shows like HOUSE HUNTERS, HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL, PROPERTY VIRGINS.

    I just don't care to watch rich kids fill their days with shopping etc, or guys/gals in search of Mr/Ms Right.


  3. ha ha i forgot about AI being a reality tv show, photocache!

    like you, i also do not like reality tv series about those you mentioned.


  4. i am not a hater, arnulfo. and this is not only about kim. this is also about reality tv shows. i just could not understand it all.

    and yes, kim is gorgeous. but her sisters are prettier than her. that is my opinion. and you have to respect that.


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