Do you like basements?

Who would not want a basement which is as beautiful as this?

Photo courtesy of Daniel’s Custom Building and Renovations.

But beautiful as it is, I don’t like the idea of having basements in a house.  I don’t know, it gives me the creeps.  Yes, even if it is as perfect as it is like the picture above.  Aside from the need of a basement dehumidifier, the fear of the possibility of sewage creeping in, or a flash flood rushing into the beautiful room, lingers.  That is morbid thinking, I know, but the idea kills the vision.

Oh, well.  It still is a long time before I can be able to convert our house into one dream house.  What I am ranting about?  But it’s just a thought.  I am not really a fan of basements.  Could it be true that a lot of things could happen there?  😀


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