Transformation Effects

Of course, they were shocked seeing me with this new look.  Who would not be when I always sport a rebonded hair?

They were not used to seeing me with curls or curly locks.  I could not blame J* for exclaiming “Ano nakain mo???” and for being reminded of the late Medusa, the alias we gave to one of those grumpy co-employees.  I could forgive her for that.  She was shocked, I realized.

There were sincere and insincere comments about the new look.  One of them, who is a tupperware from Day 1, uttered these words, “Tita (and she is older than me, btw), parang sinauna (looks like it’s from the past, and i bet she’s pertaining to the hair).  Ang ganda (It’s beautiful)!  Parang… sino ba yun… si Rosa Rosal (You look like Rosa Rosal)! he he

Talaga (Really)? I smirked.  I planned to reply with this:  “As if your opinion does really matter to me.”  But I restrained myself.  It would be just a waste of time.  😀

I am not mad.  I  am amused.  There are people who finds it really hard to appreciate.  I could have understood if something really looks bad then an honest remark done in good taste is much appreciated.  But sometimes, these people who make these nasty remarks are not even an eyeful.  Bad me.  But it’s true.


2 thoughts on “Transformation Effects

  1. You look terrific with your curls….if the man in your life says otherwise, tell him he is sleeping in the doghouse until his vision improves LOL. Just kidding.


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