Getting Amused at Spam Comments

For some reason, I cannot install Akismet spam on this blog so I get to read spam on a daily basis.  I get amused at the effort.  Some of them do not seem like automated comments.  Most of them just really suck at it.  For those people who are behind these spam comments, I take pity.  But at times, there are ‘real’ people who comment like spam. And that is more amusing.

Some of these spammers duplicate my visitors’ comments.  Here is an example:

nagsusuot ka ba ng nighties mami Bing? lol! I don’t wear both before, sa pinas nun short lagi dahil sa init.

That was a comment from Nalen in this post – Pajamas for this hot season? No way.

This is a classic and crappy example:

Wild dommes makes my day for real

That was intended for the post Two in a Day that does not even have anything to do with that crappy comment.

This one is totally irrelevant:

Thank you for your help!

I don’t know what part of the post Because She Wears a Miniskirt? was that spammer thanking me for!

And this one, this one, thought that his site is not boring and is more interesting than my blog post:

Hasn’t everybody gotten bored of this junk by now

This was posted for Sexiest.  It is a junk for the spammer.  Way amusing really.

This one sounds sincere.  The post where it was intended gave way for it to be identified.

This is a useful write-up, I discovered your site looking around google for a similar theme and arrived to this. I couldnt get to much different info on this blog post, so it was wonderful to discover this one. I will probably end up being returning to check out some other posts that you have another time.

This spammer thought that I’d care.  Well, I don’t care if you don’t agree, mister!

I  don’t agree with everything in this article, but you do make some very good points. I’m very interested in this topic and I myself do alot of research as well. Either way it was a well thoughtout and nice read so I figured I would leave you a comment. Feel free to check out my website sometime and let me know what you think.

Sometimes these spammers get into my nerves.  But they also amuse me in a way.

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