Get Me Out of Here!

Went the tiny voice.

You’ve been hoarding me here for quite some time now.  I do not like it here anymore.  I wanted to be discovered. I want them to know that I exist!  They won’t be disappointed.  In fact, I know that they will like me.

Persisted the tiny voice.

You have been ignoring me.  Do you think you can ignore me for the longest time?  Oh, no, you can’t!  I know that you wanted to be like me.  I know how your body aches to be like me.

The tiny voice was beginning to be recognized.

Now, now.  So… what I said is true.  Your body aches to be like me.  Well, I could not blame you.  Them boys like me.  They like flirty, you know.  They want a tease.  What are you waiting for?  Let me out!

Forced the tiny voice.

Consuelo pulled the drawer and out came a wooden box with an intricate design on the top.  She opened it and found a pair of rounded silver earrings the size of which smaller than her wrist.  She snapped the top cover back again in astonishment.  The pair sent her mixed emotions of excitement and warmth.  She slowly opened the box again and touched the silver pair letting her fingers feel the scrawny metal pieces.  Slowly again, she reached for them and put them on.  How lovely, she thought.

She stood in front of the mirror and watched herself.  What petite body she has.  She’s already past her teens but she still looks like she’s sixteen.  She is morena* but with a very smooth skin.  Her breasts are big that seem awkward for a frail body.  Her waistline is so small but so perfect with her flaring hips.  Her legs are long but she is not as tall.  They are shaped exquisitely.

Her fingers were shaking as she tried to put the first pair of earring on her left ear.  After being able to don both of the earrings, she stared at her self in the mirror.  It transformed the sweet sixteen look to a full-grown she.

Finally, the time is near when I will be out of here!   I know this is the day!

Said the tiny voice happily.

Get that dress now to make me complete!  Get that black high-heeled shoes.  It’ll match those beautiful legs.  Do not forget that cherry red lipstick and the eye and brow make-up!  Gosh, I am so excited!

The tiny voice shrieked with thrill.

This is not the first time, Consuelo told herself, when I wore this dress and pair of shoes.  They said I look beautiful.  Oh, not really…they said I was beautiful.  She felt a surge of excitement that was almost forgotten.  She will be out there again.  But today, it felt so different.  Today, she will not be doing it only out of necessity.  She will do it because her body aches for it.  Her body craves for those marvelous touches.  It shouts hunger, it screams for satiation.  Only to feel consumed, spent, wasted…

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