Home Theater Seating

Wow, that movie Gran Torino is very beautiful!  It is truly a very touching one about life and death.  Even without a home theater seating, I enjoyed the movie very much.

This 2008 American drama film moved me to tears.  Korean War Vet Walt Kowalski (played by Clint Eastwood), who’s an alienated and angry man, developed friendship with Thao and his family.  Thao belongs to the Hmong people, which is an ethnic group from Vietnam, Laos, Thailand; and a subgroup of an ethnic group in Southern China.

What touches me the most is when he kept silent about his ailment (lung cancer) and did not tell anybody about it, not even to his two sons.  When the gang who had been hassling Thao  beat and raped Thao’s sister Sue, Walt went to the home of the gang members where he was shot when they thought it was a gun he was pulling off from his jacket.  They fired their guns at him.  Walt did not have a gun with him that time.

These are only snippets of the movie.  It would be worth your time.  Watch it.  Feel good.  Learn about love, life and death.

It was directed and produced by Clint Eastwood who had declared that it would be his last film as an actor.


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