If you have a Facebook Account…

You have these advantages:

  • You will be thankful for being reunited with your long lost friends and relatives.
  • You get news and updates from your listed friends.
  • You obtain connections.
  • You can choose the degree of privacy for your account and your photos.
  • You can promote your blog posts, articles and photos.
  • You can vent and rant anytime.
  • You can have the chance to participate in memes, discussions, photosharing.
  • You get to play Farmville, Cafeworld, etc.
  • You can get freebies, sale items like personalized gifts for dad, bags, shoes, dresses, etc.

You have these disadvantages:

  • You get photo tags although you are not there in the set of pictures.
  • You get unending invites to join Farmville, Cafe World, etc. even though you already posted something like ‘please do not send me invites’.
  • You get funny, insensible and irrelevant remarks.
  • You get spams.
  • You will, at one point, be a green-eyed monster.
  • You will be ignored by some friends (and you thought they are your friends!) with your friend requests.
  • You will feel guilty not to accept a friend request though you do not know the person and you will end up accepting.

What else did I miss?  You can share it here.

8 thoughts on “If you have a Facebook Account…

  1. Funny you blogged about this coz today there is a Facebook boycott here. A group of people are encouraging others to close their Facebook accounts 😆


    I don't have Facebook but I appreciate when I see long lost relatives of mine becoming friends with my wife coz they see my pics 😉 But I agree there are a lot of privacy issues with it.


  2. truly there are privacy issues with it. but as one of the commenters said, bw, “If you don't want anyone to know your info simply keep it to yourself. Everyone knows that nothing you put out there in the internet remains private.” so it is a matter of choice. 😀


  3. I'm no Facebook fan. I'm more of a features blogger than a social networker, although I have not updated my blog in 6 months!

    FB does have privacy issues. Just look at what happened to Gina Alajar (Manny Pacquiao adultery issue). A “friend” betrayed her trust there.

    I was on FB mainly for FarmVille. You know, therapy of sorts. But I opted to deactivate my account since some of my contacts brag a lot on the site, and it's such a waste of time.


  4. well, FB users should bear in mind that whatever they put in the internet can be used one way or the other. it is one's decision actually how much information has to be given.

    unlike you, jayred, i did not join FB for farmville. you are right, some of them brag. ha ha well, depende din naman how the readers read the updates pero meron talaga. ha ha

    what is your FB account, blogusvox?


  5. haha. I agree. Its annoying to get tagged for a photo when I'm not in it.

    There's also the fact that sometimes we're deleted by our so-called friends. 😉


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