Exercise with Diet are Still the Best

I miss the days when we do frequent walking and jogging and running at UP oval.  Those times you do not need to speed up the process of slimming down by pills.  I do not need to resort to diet pill reviews to know what would be best for my diet to loose weight.  Now, I am beginning to be tempted.

How I wish I can still jog and walk at UP one day again together with Papsie and the kids.  Exercise and diet are still the best partners.  I feel so light after each exercise especially after each walk, run and jog routine.  It felt that tons of unwanted fat went with the perspiration I get from it.

Oh, well, I cross my fingers as I wish.


11 thoughts on “Exercise with Diet are Still the Best

  1. Hi, Bing. You're looking good. Bagay pala sa yo ang athletic look. 🙂

    This post reminds me to have a more healthy diet and, yes, to exercise (gulp).


  2. he he tagal na yan, jayred. 2008 pic pa yata. i wanted to trim down the unwanted kasi di na nga nakakapag jog!

    we (son and I) tried to wake up early again to do exercise just like we used to pero di natutuloy, e.

    how are you?


  3. It would be so nice to jog around an area full of trees! I suck at cardio activities and trip on my own feet more often than an average person does, but surely it's fun to feel all those calories burning.


  4. I'm good, Bing, thanks. It's just that I'm in some sort of major transition in my life right now, and I've found no spare time to do the things I love to do: reading and blogging. But I would love to be back in the blogosphere. (I tweet more than blog.)

    Maybe it's time for me to buy a new pair of running shoes and jog! Your pic has inspired me to do so. 🙂

    Hey, congrats on the graduation of your daughter. My cousins took the same course in UP Diliman, and they are now successful advertising and production people. May God guide her steps, career-wise.


  5. i miss your posts, jayred. especially the jolly ones. 😀

    thank you for congratulating. there are decisions that my daughter has taken na ayaw kong pakialaman. i hope her decisions on her career will be the right decisions someday.


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