Unclogging the List

It pains me to x-out some bloggers in my list.  Their blogs had once been my haven when I need to take a breather.  But taking a hint from a fellow blogger, I think it is best to unclog the list. Some of them had totally stopped blogging and had been inactive for some time.  Some of the blogs are already inaccessible, not a trace of the old posts and updates about the blogger.

The impression I had about them will never change.  I listed them because I find them interesting.  I find their blogging styles as unique.  I learned from them one way or the other.  They had inspired me at one or several points in my life.  There are even those who have become my idols (though not something categorized to the point of idolatry he he).

Though blogging is becoming a fad because of the emergence of Facebook and the like, it is an experience that is worth the time.  Bloghopping, the term that reverberated among bloggers when they visit each other’s blogs, had been and is still is a therapy.

The list of bloggers as of present in this blog is under the page Current Reads. I had three pages before that had titles The Big Enchilada, Icings on the Cake, and Oh! Goody!.  I listed them all now in one page as this will save time and organize the list more.

I still miss the others.  This list will continue to grow I know but surely, the old folks will be missed.


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