Pajamas for this hot season? No way.

There is a site called Womens that offers not only pajamas but also night gowns.  Who would be thinking about buying women’s pajamas in this dry and humid season in the Philippines with 38 degrees C temperature?  Even with pajamas that look as good as this, no one will think of it:

But instead of buying womens pajamas, you can buy chemises and nighties that could ignite the flame.   Very untimely actually.  Who would think of procreation and caresses during a very warm night?  Do you think, a nightie as alluring as this would defeat the fetid air?

Of course not.  But when the rainy season comes in, that is the time you should think of it – buy women’s pajamas and especially, hot nighties.


7 thoughts on “Pajamas for this hot season? No way.

  1. Kahit mainit dito, I like to wear pajama pants. Hindi ako makatulog pag wala yun. Pero kahit tag-init o tag-lamig pag yan ang suot ng mrs (2nd pic)ko, maalinsangan ang pakiramdam ko. >: D


  2. The second one is the best nowadays that it is getting warm, but it's not my style. I'd wear cotton that's short, cool and comfy. Di sanay sa ma-sexy masyado.


  3. like you, i prefer cotton ones, too, mari. i dont have anything against nighties kaya lang there is a reason i choose not to disclose he he


  4. I am a fan of boring, flannel pajamas. But these days I don't wear them because they end up being soaked in sweat. The second picture, hmmmm, is something I have never owned. But there's always a first. Haha.


  5. i only wear pajamas when it's cold, kat! pagdurusa ang aabutin pag nagsuot ka ngayon tapos flannel pa, oh, my. yea, right, there is always a first! 😀


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