Paid Reviews, what d’ya think?

I saw LinkFromBlog in one of the blogs I visit.  It is about <a href="paid reviews” target=”_blank”>paid reviews.  It looks like it is an interesting opportunity for anyone.  There will be offers and tasks but you have to bid.   If the advertise approves of your bid, you get the chance.  If not, then your blog did not appeal to be interesting.  Sounds like a realization check.

Anyway, let us see how this works.

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2 thoughts on “Paid Reviews, what d’ya think?

  1. I never really know how to make money from blogging, and honestly I feel I won't be able to write anything with the pressure of it having to be approved by others. Some earn lots writing such paid reviews and other web content articles, but for me blogging remains to be a personal outlet.


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