Test preparations

I remembered when my children were in their secondary years, I enrolled them in a review center in preparation for high school. I wanted them to be enrolled in the best science schools. I was reminded of these reading about lsat prep. Of course, the preparations for a high school or a college entrance examination is nothing in comparison to lsat.

The kids were not able to pass the test from the chosen science high school. They landed in a semi-private school. I was more frustrated than them but brushed the negative feelings aside. I later forgot about it. But when they were about to graduate from high school, they suddenly had this desire to be enrolled in one of those prestigious schools.

Papsie and I decided not to enroll them in review centers anymore. Aside from being costly, the kids did not want to. And probably it was their desire to be in their chosen college that they passed. The unexpected triumph is worth the wait.

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